Pneumatic Actuator's performance as an important part of the pneumatic valve

Update Time :2017-06-21The view :3081

At present, a pneumatic actuator is the most critical tool in pneumatic valves, and as a pneumatic actuator, in fact, it is shown in the role of the valve is to make the valve device  more convenient. And because of the pneumatic actuator access makes the valve drive the valve parts of the rapid linkage in the pipeline , with a certain effect of automation, and because the actuator itself is energy-driven, so the drive of valve opening and closing parts is also of a certain value. This valve is used due to the small fluid resistance to the fluid pipe to play the role of opening and closing.

  And as one of the opening and closing device, the valve-mounted pneumatic actuator with the use of compressed gas, pushing the piston to the valve inside and the valve stem connected to play a role in driving the ball valve body movement, Which played a role in regulating the fluid pipeline. And as one of the opening and closing pieces, the body around the axis of the ball for the rotation of the movement of the media for a certain effect. Ball valve is characterized by wear resistance, good sealing performance , and because the resistance is small, so the internal valve body by wear and tear is small, the service life is relatively long, so that the characteristics of this pneumatic valve in the use of the pipeline more " Handy ".