Talking about the connection of pneumatic ball valve actuator and valve body

Update Time :2017-06-21The view :3011

As a horizontal pneumatic valve installed in the pipeline system, its role is mainly reflected in the pipeline when the flow of media played by the truncation. In many cases, pneumatic actuators in pneumatic valves can play a key role. In the pipeline when the rapid flow of fluid medium, with the regulatory mechanism can be appropriate to control the role in order to play the ability to control the transmission of pipeline media, which is the main features of pneumatic ball valve. And because of the combination of pneumatic actuators and ball valve body, making the performance of the valve itself has been improved, just to get the ball valve, because the implementation of the access agency makes the valve in the cut off when the ball opening and closing And the fit between the seat, the excess is very smooth, more accurate fit.

  And in the pipeline, the role of pneumatic actuators is through the form of gas into the air into the implementation of the internal parts, resulting in power to drive with the actuator connected to the valve stem or the opening and closing parts, so driven Actuator, also drive the valve, play the role of throttling, and this is the biggest feature of pneumatic valves.